Wednesday, September 30, 2015

It has been too long

Hi All (all 10 of you faithful followers)

Life is sure fun, fast and fabulous.  I hope that this note finds all of you well and having a blast with your families.
I just wanted to update a bit of where we are today.  The kids have certainly grown and progressed in school.  Robbie is now a Freshman and Petaluma High, with Alyssa right behind in 8th at  PJHS.  Emilly is doing well in 4th grade at St. Vincent's.  All three are amazing and everyday bless me with love and laughter.
Work at IDC has been very fruitful since 2013 and I have really dedicated myself to leading our company.  There have been many challenges, but I continue to learn something everyday about our industry, leadership and community which keeps me engaged and motivated.
Some new projects I have taken on for the year include Secretary at SVES Site Council, supporting PHS Basketball program (continued passion of our family) and striving to keep a balanced schedule with work, home and community.
There are many new friends, adventures and projects in the future that I am certain will take all my time so don't be surprised if it takes over 3 more years to update this crazy blog again.
Feeling Blessed.

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