Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"We're the Three Best Friends Anyone Could Have, We're the Three Best Friends....."

I am sure we are all familiar with that song!!!  Robbie, Alyssa and Emilly haven't had the privilege of hearing it yet, but it sure does describe them to a tee!!
It surprises me everyday what good buddies they are to each other.
  Alyssa is always jumping in to find out what is wrong with Emi when she is having one of her tornado tantrums, smoothing everything out and helping her to move on.
  Rob is always hanging out with Sissy late nights, chatting it up and supporting Alyssa's current obsession.  Alyssa does a good job listening to all that Rob has to say about is current obsession as well. 
  Emilly, well she is pretty good a stirring up the trouble, but brings the laughter and love equally.  Wants to be just like the biggers and always will play dress up, dolls and wrestle when ever asked!
A few weeks back they gave each other new nick-names.  "Dog-Bone", "Squirrel" and "Sissy Squirrel"
They have to all sleep in one room at night and will spend WAY too much time at the morning breakfast table just being together, excited for the days events. None of them have any urgency to get to school, so they are just happy to be. 
The 3 Perfect Best Friends!