Monday, October 17, 2011

They're Back!!!

School Break is over!!!!!! (yes)
My goal of posting everyday didn't pan out as planned.  Didn't stop us from having some fun days and some very BORING days.  Just didn't have time to sit down and write about it.
So you will see some pictures hopefully in then few days "Chronicling our what seemed like endless days together"- maybe........

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day 5 - Can you believe PLANKING??

I am not sure where this all started, but Alyssa has falling into the fad of PLANKING!!
Everywhere we went, every time I turned around, Aly was flat and flying through the air!

 Emi even thought that she would give it a whirl!

Day 4 -

We are now on day 4 - Thursday 9-29
Morning of hanging out in our PJ's, working from home and watching cartoons.  Then, off to the gym to meet up with Emilly's friend Logan and swim team practice for Alyssa.  Alyssa then had a fabulous overnight play date with good friend Ava Whitehorn.  They created their own Project Runway  - paper doll fashions. 

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day 2 - Cousin's Day

The day was filled with fun times with our cousins, Olivia and Nathan.  Spending time at the gym's kids room, the ranch and then back to the gym for a much needed swim.  Had to have been the hottest day of vacation - near 100 degrees.
Emilly has her soccer game later that evening.
We won!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day One - A Giant's Date

Well, it wasn't an event that we shared with the kiddos.  They were off celebrating their Cousin Jared's 14th Birthday.  Andy and I had a night away in SF to cheer on the giants and enjoy the amazing SF weather. As you can see, the seats were unbelievable and best yet, we were hosted by a client!
We stayed at my favorite hotel, the Harbor Court right across from the Ferry Building.  We enjoyed breakfast at the Market Bar and then checked out the Fabulous Farmers Market.  A night will give me energy and strength for the next 21 days!!!

I love my city!!  Can't wait to spend more time there in the next few weeks.  

Monday, September 26, 2011

New Project for Fall Break - The Beginning

The kids are on Fall Break, which I have happily renamed "Second Summer".  The next 21 days are going to be crazy - fun and restful.  I am motivated to not let everyday be pajama day, I am going to post 1 thing we do everyday to you all so you will keep my plans in check! 
To start off, this picture is from earlier in the week.  I grabbed this sweet shot last Sunday when my niece and nephew, Olive and Nathan were over.  The boys love their sports, and Sunday Football is on the top of the list. 
Stay tuned to see what the next 3 weeks have in store.....

Monday, August 1, 2011

To the Bride and Groom, Kassie and Dave. July 30, 2011

My sweet and loving Sister-in -Law, Kassie (whom I have known since she was eight) was married this weekend to her one and only, David Parno!!
This week has been one filled with love and excitement.  I think the ones who where the most excited where all the kiddo's!  They were oblivious to the stress and hustle and bustle that always goes with "putting on" a wedding.  They really understood what an honor it was to be a special part of the day and made sure they took it all in!  Thank you Kassie and Dave for showing the kids so much love.  We wish you a lifetime of Love, Joy, Good Health and Fortune!
Our Family, July 30, 2011
Mom and Dad, Dave & Carol Von Glahn

Andy Isetta
Kassie and Andy Sr rode in this beautiful vintage car to the church. 

Kassie and Dave's Grandma

Mickey, Leslie and Kolby Isetta (1.5 yrs)

Monday, July 18, 2011

School Started!!

Can you believe that our summer has come and gone.  Today (Monday July 18, 2011) we started school.  The kids had a great first day!! Each one of them excited for their new classrooms, new teachers and some new projects.
Emi is now a big 1st Grader and has a longer day.  She was tired and crashed once she hit her pillow.
Robbie and Alyssa like their teachers and neither one complained at all.  If fact, Alyssa got up at 5:50am and was completely ready by 6:45 - motivated by the possibility of some YouTube  - American Girl computer time.
Robbie is now in 5th, Alyssa in 4th and Emilly in 1st.

Robbie gathering with his buddies.  Kenny, Rob, Valor, Andres and a new guy!  Can you tell that the cool thing to have is a flat hat!
Emi, her new desk and a hug from her best friend, Sofia Henderson

I don't know this girl (Alyssa).  I guess the 4th grade attitude is "Don't take my picture!"  Too Bad

Friday, July 8, 2011

Catching Up

Its been WAY to long since I posted ANYTHING!!!
We all have been very busy this late spring and early summer.  Its time to catch up and post a few of the highlights.
We will start with Robbie's spring sports; Baseball and Basketball

This year Rob played AAA - the Cubs.  What a team they became!! They took the regular season at 1st and after playoffs landed themselves at 3rd.  Robbie really did a great job contributing defensively.
AAU had its first look at Robbie and Andy - they brought it strong with Man Up and earned the organization their first championship.

 Alyssa and Emilly had a great time participating in Musical Theatre and Dance this spring as well.  Their Dance Academy, Rhythm's Elite produced a great show in June.  Alyssa and Emilly each performed in 6 acts.  It was a lot of work for them and me!!!  They did an wonderful job.  I am proud to say that they have the bug and did wonderfully on stage.
Alyssa performed many routines with good friend Ava Whitehorn

Emilly and her class getting ready to perform "Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend"

 Emilly also graduated from Kindergarten.  Our baby is now a full fledged elementary student.  She had an amazing first year in school.  Ms. Cheal was outstanding and Emi took with her a strong love for learning about everything, especially art and ENGLAND!!  (did I mention Ms. Cheal is British)
Her class had a very special year end celebration - an art show of all their work.

Summer started with the annual neighborhood camping trip.  It rained the much of the time we planned on being on the boat, so instead of swimming the kids had fishing lessons.  Robbie caught his first fish that weekend.  Uncle Keven then took him again later that next week and he caught some more.  Robbie and the fish are now hooked.

A few more later in the week
Well, that's just a little taste of what we have been up to.  I will share more next time!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day Card

For all the Mother's who help share in loving my 3 amazing babies!!
Hope you have a wonderful day.

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Friday, April 22, 2011

To Be a Mother, Earth that is.....

Its been a bit of time since my last blog.  Lots of activity in our home, in our work lives and in school.  Not all good.  Not all bad.  I think its been a challenge to write lately for many reasons.  The first reason - obvious, no time.  But really it comes down to I don't want to write about the stress, sadness or frustration that I have felt over the last few months.  I want to write about the happy times, the inspiring times, the fun times.  Trust me, there have been lots and lots of moment that have been amazingly beautiful.  As a family, we have celebrated some great event and small celebrations.  Each one passing quickly.  So quickly that I have not been able to record them here to share with you all.  I will eventually get those moments recorded.  Currently they are archived in my heart, and thankfully in photo's, so they will be shared shortly.

Today was a special day.  A day to slow down and enjoy the moment.  We started a new tradition last year of spending Earth Day out at the beach.  We go to the beach often, but this day is to celebrate Mother Earth in a special way.  Also, I think its neat to see how things change over a period of time on the same day each year.  The beach, although in flux through out the day never seems to change.
We shared our time with special friends, making the day even more sweet.

 Emilly collecting material to erect Fort Dorren
 Shelby G -
 Robbie - held his own with all the ladies!
 Shelby with her Grandfather's sweet sun hat
I Love My Brother!

  I Love My Sister!
 Jaycee G -
 Can't seem to get them all to look my way - gave up and took this shot!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"We're the Three Best Friends Anyone Could Have, We're the Three Best Friends....."

I am sure we are all familiar with that song!!!  Robbie, Alyssa and Emilly haven't had the privilege of hearing it yet, but it sure does describe them to a tee!!
It surprises me everyday what good buddies they are to each other.
  Alyssa is always jumping in to find out what is wrong with Emi when she is having one of her tornado tantrums, smoothing everything out and helping her to move on.
  Rob is always hanging out with Sissy late nights, chatting it up and supporting Alyssa's current obsession.  Alyssa does a good job listening to all that Rob has to say about is current obsession as well. 
  Emilly, well she is pretty good a stirring up the trouble, but brings the laughter and love equally.  Wants to be just like the biggers and always will play dress up, dolls and wrestle when ever asked!
A few weeks back they gave each other new nick-names.  "Dog-Bone", "Squirrel" and "Sissy Squirrel"
They have to all sleep in one room at night and will spend WAY too much time at the morning breakfast table just being together, excited for the days events. None of them have any urgency to get to school, so they are just happy to be. 
The 3 Perfect Best Friends!