Monday, July 18, 2011

School Started!!

Can you believe that our summer has come and gone.  Today (Monday July 18, 2011) we started school.  The kids had a great first day!! Each one of them excited for their new classrooms, new teachers and some new projects.
Emi is now a big 1st Grader and has a longer day.  She was tired and crashed once she hit her pillow.
Robbie and Alyssa like their teachers and neither one complained at all.  If fact, Alyssa got up at 5:50am and was completely ready by 6:45 - motivated by the possibility of some YouTube  - American Girl computer time.
Robbie is now in 5th, Alyssa in 4th and Emilly in 1st.

Robbie gathering with his buddies.  Kenny, Rob, Valor, Andres and a new guy!  Can you tell that the cool thing to have is a flat hat!
Emi, her new desk and a hug from her best friend, Sofia Henderson

I don't know this girl (Alyssa).  I guess the 4th grade attitude is "Don't take my picture!"  Too Bad

Friday, July 8, 2011

Catching Up

Its been WAY to long since I posted ANYTHING!!!
We all have been very busy this late spring and early summer.  Its time to catch up and post a few of the highlights.
We will start with Robbie's spring sports; Baseball and Basketball

This year Rob played AAA - the Cubs.  What a team they became!! They took the regular season at 1st and after playoffs landed themselves at 3rd.  Robbie really did a great job contributing defensively.
AAU had its first look at Robbie and Andy - they brought it strong with Man Up and earned the organization their first championship.

 Alyssa and Emilly had a great time participating in Musical Theatre and Dance this spring as well.  Their Dance Academy, Rhythm's Elite produced a great show in June.  Alyssa and Emilly each performed in 6 acts.  It was a lot of work for them and me!!!  They did an wonderful job.  I am proud to say that they have the bug and did wonderfully on stage.
Alyssa performed many routines with good friend Ava Whitehorn

Emilly and her class getting ready to perform "Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend"

 Emilly also graduated from Kindergarten.  Our baby is now a full fledged elementary student.  She had an amazing first year in school.  Ms. Cheal was outstanding and Emi took with her a strong love for learning about everything, especially art and ENGLAND!!  (did I mention Ms. Cheal is British)
Her class had a very special year end celebration - an art show of all their work.

Summer started with the annual neighborhood camping trip.  It rained the much of the time we planned on being on the boat, so instead of swimming the kids had fishing lessons.  Robbie caught his first fish that weekend.  Uncle Keven then took him again later that next week and he caught some more.  Robbie and the fish are now hooked.

A few more later in the week
Well, that's just a little taste of what we have been up to.  I will share more next time!!