Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Look Who's 11!

Robbie, When you turned 11...
 - You are the first kid up in the morning, only take like 15 minutes to get ready and can't wait to get to school
 - You are the sweetest brother and a kind and even friend.
 - You have a funny sense of humor that you get from your Daddy, sometimes not at all appropriate, but you make us laugh, so we allow it. ;)
 - You have become very responsible and care how you are doing in school
 - You LOVE basketball and baseball.  
 - You love music, on the radio and ordering iTunes.
 - You are learning to play the trumpet
 - You have quite a large hat collection, and I don't think you intend to stop any time soon.
 - You have become really good at playing basketball for someone your age.  You are understanding the game and becoming a top defensive player
 - Your sisters love you to pieces and miss you when you are away from them even for an hour
 - You hate to wear pants, only shorts, t-shirts and long socks at the moment
 - You have a thing for shoes..... I would say you get that from Mommy, but Daddy has more shoes then me.
 - We love you, we love you, we love you!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Winter Garden

Funny that Mother Nature can not decide if it is Winter or Spring around here. 
Over at Plant'n Panthers, we are gearing up for a re-vamping of our campus garden.  I will post here some of the before and afters in the next few months.

This was a beautiful little flower garden along a park path Robbie and I passed the other day....