Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Look Who's 11!

Robbie, When you turned 11...
 - You are the first kid up in the morning, only take like 15 minutes to get ready and can't wait to get to school
 - You are the sweetest brother and a kind and even friend.
 - You have a funny sense of humor that you get from your Daddy, sometimes not at all appropriate, but you make us laugh, so we allow it. ;)
 - You have become very responsible and care how you are doing in school
 - You LOVE basketball and baseball.  
 - You love music, on the radio and ordering iTunes.
 - You are learning to play the trumpet
 - You have quite a large hat collection, and I don't think you intend to stop any time soon.
 - You have become really good at playing basketball for someone your age.  You are understanding the game and becoming a top defensive player
 - Your sisters love you to pieces and miss you when you are away from them even for an hour
 - You hate to wear pants, only shorts, t-shirts and long socks at the moment
 - You have a thing for shoes..... I would say you get that from Mommy, but Daddy has more shoes then me.
 - We love you, we love you, we love you!

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  1. Happy birthday to one of the coolest boys we know! Awesome pictures Stacey!