Monday, August 1, 2011

To the Bride and Groom, Kassie and Dave. July 30, 2011

My sweet and loving Sister-in -Law, Kassie (whom I have known since she was eight) was married this weekend to her one and only, David Parno!!
This week has been one filled with love and excitement.  I think the ones who where the most excited where all the kiddo's!  They were oblivious to the stress and hustle and bustle that always goes with "putting on" a wedding.  They really understood what an honor it was to be a special part of the day and made sure they took it all in!  Thank you Kassie and Dave for showing the kids so much love.  We wish you a lifetime of Love, Joy, Good Health and Fortune!
Our Family, July 30, 2011
Mom and Dad, Dave & Carol Von Glahn

Andy Isetta
Kassie and Andy Sr rode in this beautiful vintage car to the church. 

Kassie and Dave's Grandma

Mickey, Leslie and Kolby Isetta (1.5 yrs)