Sunday, January 20, 2013

Emilly turned 7! (way back when)

Emilly turned 7 back in November.  We had a great celebration, a Unicorn party with new and old friends.  What a great girl we have, and growing so strong and smart.

Look at those freckles!
Emilly at 7 you are:
Creatively FUNNY - you have the sharpest wit and comebacks
Your brother and sister are your favorite compainions
You started a new school and have made friends very easily
Basketball is your favorite sport, and you can make baskets on the 10' hoop
You don't like too many foods, your favorite meal is Steamed Clams
Your favorite color is purple
You have a stuffed animal collection called the Candies and they all have huge eyes.
My Little Pony is your favorite TV show.

You are the apple of Mommy's eye and you are always by my side.  Happy Birthday sweet girl!!