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Friday, January 20, 2012

38 and Fabulous!!

"Thirty-eight sounds so much older than thirty-seven don't you think??" my dear friend said to me last week.  Only two or three weeks older than me, she hit the milestone a bit sooner.  "Well, only if you let it" is what I had to respond.  Honestly, yes it does sound and feel a bit older.  Yet it is still a bit further till we are rounding 40. (the new thirty, right?)
Life is very grown up now - The kids, house(s), social responsibilities not to mention your body has more aches and pains and the increasing trips to the hair dresser to hide the grey!!! Oi Vey.....
But there is so much more to an age then that.... It is 38 years of happiness and experiences that have made us all into really complex and fun human beings with much to offer the world.
It was a quieter birthday celebration then many past.  Quite long lunches and coffee breaks with dear friends.  A quite dinner with my sweet husband and children.  Fun impromptu taco dinner with my parents and a lovely day of pampering in the middle of the work week. 
Also - I gift to myself.  Home Made Chocolate Chip Cookies!! 

"Mommy, you make the best cookies"  - thanks, I respond between bites!

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  1. Happy birthday to YOU, sweet friend! So grateful to be a part of your celebration. xo